Sallumiut, a town of close to 1400 people, standing at the far end of the narrow Sugluk Inlet, 10km from the Hudson strait. Located between high rugged mountains rising close to 500m above sea level, It is ``Qaqqalik`` the place of many mountains.  Salluit being the middle point between Nunivak’s 14 communities makes it a strategic location for meetings attended by people of the Hudson and Ungava coast.

As often happened throughout Nunavik, various traders and trading companies passed through until in 1932 the Hudson Bay Company opened up a trading post in what is present day Salluit.  As the fur trade fell the Religious missions gave the communities reason to survive. Soon after the trading post and the church are established, the government decided to construct a school and offered the Inuit basic government service which encouraged surrounding Inuit to settle here. In 1958 archaeological evidence showed that the people of the Dorset period had already been occupying the area from around 800BC to 1000AD.

With the signing of the JBNQA on November 11, 1975 life for the Inuit of Salluit would be forever changed. They were guaranteed certain rights that respected their traditional life and land. On January 31, 1979 Qaqqalik Landholding Corporation of Salluit was formed.  The Qaqqalik Landholding corporation of Salluit Is an legal entity created as non-profit association under section 5 of the Land Régime Act, and governed by said Act, the JBNQA and the Quebec Companies Act. The membership of the Qaqqalik landholding corporation of Salluit is composed of the beneficiaries affiliated to their respective community. They are therefore ethnic body that serves the  communities  interest.

The internal structure of the Qaqqalik landholding corporation of Salluit is governed by By-laws duly adopted by the members of the corporations. Thus, they can establish a Board of Directors composed of 3 to 12 members (according to the need of the community) elected for a two (2) years term. Among such directors, an executive committee is instituted with functions relevant to the presidency, vice-presidency, secretary-treasurer of the organization.

The Board of directors has general administration powers, which include the power to hire staff members, adopt by-laws, signing contracts, commit financially, etc., while bearing in mind their general mandate, which is the pursuit of benefits for their respective community.

Their principal duties and powers originate from the Land Regime Act and from the Act respecting Hunting, Fishing and Trapping in the James Bay and Northern Quebec territories and Chapter 3 of the JBNQA regarding eligibility of JBNQA beneficiaries. In addition, various environmental laws allow landholding corporations to make representation to environmental review boards created by the JBNQA.

They can be involved in profitable activities by incorporating subsidiary companies, even in partnership with outside organizations, other landholding corporations or individuals.

Local landholding corporations are also responsible for the maintenance and updating of their respective enrollment beneficiary list, among which amounts are proportionally allocated from


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